Val Gardena, land of tradition and custom, is the place where in the seventeenth century the art of wood carving arose. Today Val Gardena boasts a huge number of artisan workshops, where master craftsmen, with great skill and patience, realise their works entirely and exclusively by hand, and still using the tools of the past: the mallet and chisels.

Aldo Monteleone, a native of the valley, has brought this art at his laboratory in Merano, where works of wood crafts of high quality and value are made as sculptures, reliefs or bas-reliefs, both of religious and secular art.

In the wood laboratory of Aldo Monteleone, sculptures on commission, tailored to customer requirements are also produced. The best way to remember Val Gardena and its tradition born in the artisan workshops is to you buy a carved wooden sculpture made by the master carvers.

Aldo Monteleone

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